Friday, June 14, 2013

SPYGOD'S GREATEST !@#@S #6 - Beautiful Friend, The End

For a few fleeting seconds, Jim Morrison met Johnny Morphine, rock and roll messiah of the Colonies, who'd died defending its native peoples against demon-spawned redcoats with laser guns. He'd fought them hard and well for years, with blasters and songs, but sooner or later was going to come the day when his devil's luck would run out.

That was the day, right then and there. Smashed down to earth in a blue bus, bleeding to death. More laser-bored hole than not, he was still shooting and laughing at the enemy as they continued to come for him, eager to collect the million-pound bounty on his head and neck.

Then, across the worlds, Johnny saw Jimmy. Their eyes met, and he knew it was a good time to walk on. So he did.

* * *

Beautiful Friend, The End (7/3/11) - In which we talk about Jim Morrison -- ALL of them. Magic, reincarnation, and rock and roll.

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