Saturday, June 8, 2013

SPYGOD's Big !@#$ Away Message


This is a reminder that SPYGODS TALES is on !@#$ing hiatus for the next two weeks. We're going to rest our big !@#$ creative batteries with some tropical rays, winsome ladyboys, and alcohol.

Lots and lots of !@#$ing alcohol.

Until we return, we'll be playing "best of" every day or so, because it's cheap and better than dead air. Plus, you might !@#$ing learn something.

But be sure to add us on Facebook and Twitter. There may be big !@#$news. There may also be !@#$ amusing pictures of someone's cat. Or alcohol.

Stay strong, agents. If I could !@#$ing handle being a POW in Korea, you can !@#$ing handle 14 days without new SPYGOD.

Now get out of my sunshine before I use this big !@#$ flyswatter as a sex tool.

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