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12/31/12 - Black Christmas (Nthernaut) - Pt. 1

12/25/11 - Nthernaut Report

Active: 0:00 - 24:00

Glitches noted: 23

Self Repair Successful: 23

Self Repair Failure: 0

Personal Connections Maintained:

Auxiliary Conversations Engaged: 386

All Crimes Averted: 212

All Emergencies Responded: 48

All Accidents Prevented: 430

All Lives Saved: 48675 (est)

All Insurrections Thwarted: 1

My Mood: Indeterminate

General Notes:

Notable incidents:

* 01:34. Day began with attempted Burglary of Cardoza Jewelers, Joseph Block, Broome and Mulberry. Three men, two with prior records; none local. Unit 5 of 35 responded. Informed NYPD. Intimidation Immobilization; patterns A-7, B-5. Saved: $5307.76 worth of jewelry (est). Delivered lecture 8.6 on Futility of Crime, Moral Lesson 23.9.7. Waited for NYPD; exactly on time. Gave Thank You 9.4. E-filed report. Spent 4.3 minutes having Police Conversation 4.9.5. Departed.

Notes: Criminals came from Poughkeepsie, New York. Apparently no one told them how things work in Neo York City, now. One voided bladder, bowels during initial Intimidation; convinced was seeing demon based on appearance. Others began screaming and shooting, doing more damage to surroundings than Unit.

Ongoing: Was initially disturbed by being mistaken for supernatural entity. Now finding it combination amusing/intriguing. Mother said we should appear to be human, the better to minister to the wayward. Is this more effective? Must explore further.

* 05:36. Pre-dawn apartment fire. #376, Wrangler Building, 19th and 7th. Faulty Wiring; Christmas Tree (Cheap). Unit 27 of 30 responded. Informed NYFD. Halon Gas suppression; pattern B-4. Saved: 3 humans, 1 cat, 2 goldfish. Delivered lecture 4.6 on Fire Safety, Moral Lesson 45.8.2. Waited for NYFD; 9 minutes overdue. Delivered lecture 7.3 on Speedy Response. Provided emotional support 3.2, 4.8 to child. Departed.

Notes: Unfortunately, tree and presents destroyed. Heirloom ornaments, pricey gifts. Told the family "It's not the tree or what's under it. It's the day, and you're alive to see it." Failed to have preferred/expected response. Child was particularly despondent. Tried to console with "some people don't have their families on this day. You do, and it's the best gift of all." Also failed to have preferred/expected response; "You're !@#$ing creepy," he said. Followup emotional support was equally rebuffed.

Ongoing: Have been practicing smiling. Have been told mine seems "false," somehow. Never told this before the Upload. Perhaps something was not translated over properly. Must explore further.

* 22:28. Attempted murder of injured insurrectionist, Mt. Sinai, Gustav L Levy Pl. 23 Civilians, four with prior records (minor). Units 2, 5, 8 of 40 responded. Informed NYPD. Intimidation Disperse; pattern D-8. Saved: life of prisoner, police guard, 2 EMTs. Delivered lectures 3.9.2 on Vigilantism, 4.7.2 on Justice, Moral Lesson 14.3.9. Waited for NYPD; one hour late. Suspended planned lectures on Speedy Response, Police Decorum due to overall situation. Spent 2.75 minutes having Police Conversation 4.9.2. Departed.

Notes: Ambulance carrying severely injured prisoner (Grey Phantom) was involved in accident a block from emergency room entrance, EMTs made decision to wheel prisoner rest of the way, past long line of civilians waiting for emergency services. Once they saw he was handcuffed and under police guard they complained he was getting faster service than they were. Police Officer chose to use profanity instead of compassion, with predictable results. Was able to disperse, defuse angry crowd with no fighting, but was accused of being in league with Insurrectionists. Told them to watch the news if they doubted intentions.

Ongoing: Have never been accused of being on side of criminals before. Mother said it would happen, when protecting their lives from vigilante justice. Always imagined it would be painful, but now that is has happened, only disappointment registered. Is this to be expected? Must explore further.


Special Notes

The Insurrection:

First became aware of problem not long after Nthernaut persona debuted. Three of five heroes assigned to Neo York City observed in clandestine meetings with persons holding prior records, outstanding warrants.

Discovered two heroes were meeting with distinct groups. One (Blue Charge) was mob connections, drugs, numbers, racketeering, suspected murder. Two (Green Thunder, Orange Slam) were secessionist connections, hate crimes, weapons trafficking, suspected murder. (see Surveillance Log: Special: 38466-IAK)

Decided to investigate, inform so as to not incite panic, cause suspects to flee without finding more of their plans. Informed SPYGOD of findings, given close working rapport, mutual understanding.

SPYGOD chose to deal with the hero working for the mob, personally, as example to others (See Blue Charge, Deceased 11/9/11). However, agreed on 30 days surveillance of two heroes allied with secessionists, followed by evaluation.

(Suspect he wanted to see extent of surveillance capabilities. Did not disappoint.)

Following secessionists meeting with Green Thunder, Orange Slam led to wide network of secessionist sympathizers. Police, emergency service, government personnel involved. Some had opinions galvanized after Moltz Lake Massacre (10/30/11), others felt that way all along. Followed these new people, the ones they led to, the ones those led to, etc. until entire web was exposed.

Following end of 30 days, presented all findings to SPYGOD. Primary points:

* Presence of large secessionist presence within United States of America.
* Their goal, disable remaining Federal authority in anticipation of foreign takeover, remake country.
* 55.74387% of New Heroes on the side of secessionists.
* 163 former Legion members involved. 
* Existence of stronghold in Montana, filling with sympathizers, families, guns.
* Planning a day of total action soon, exact date to be determined.

Ironically, meeting with SPYGOD took place on December 10th, three days after American Government ceded to Terre Unifee. This action, on December 7th (See Pearl Harbor Attack) could only be seen as justification for secessionist beliefs. Believed it would only act to push forward timetable for day of total action.

SPYGOD was impressed by extent of information. Was ordered to continue surveillance as far as possible. Encouraged to intensify intrusions, develop ability to see without being seen. Given access to entire country's electrical, surveillance grid. Given permission to access military satellites, surveillance platforms. 

Queried as to ethics, legality. SPYGOD said "if your neighbor's house was on fire, and he was inside asleep, would you break down the door to save him, or let him burn because he didn't answer the doorbell?" Could not counter argument. 

Was also ordered to implement Project Battle Apple. Replicant 1.0 came online December 10th with full wetware package running. Sent to work amongst Strategic Talents, accepted as planned. Initial skepticism monitored, countered with increased hypnotic suggestion.

December 13th SPYGOD placed under house arrest. No one came to countermand orders, stop crimefighting activities. Took that as sign to continue all plans. Decided to intensify intrusion to maximum factor.

Soon learned the secessionists planned massive attack on December 25th, for symbolic, tactical value.  Decided to keep information compartmentalized. Replicant's programming adjusted to reflect this.

(Admit to giving hints to Mother while using new holographic capabilities. Strain may have caused weakness? Must explore further.)

December 24th, Replicant utilized to prepare to contact, mobilize troops, law enforcement, emergency services. Entire plan ready to go, needing only initial incident.

December 25th, initial incident registered Washington DC, 0800 EST. Plan operational at that time. Synchronization variance .765, tolerable.

Had Neo York City strategic talents moved to Richmond, Virginia, given importance of that city, personal capabilities. Allowed carnage to go for 14.5 minutes, better to implement Intimidation Immobilization pattern Z-5.

Battle successful, but not without complications, incidents. 

Time Log follows: 

* * *

New York's city hall isn't quite deserted, this cold, wet, and snowy Christmas day. City Police and TU guards stand on patrol, making sure no one takes advantage of the day or the weather to do something contrary to the public good, or at least civic order.

Of course, since it's Christmas, everyone's trying to keep it friendly. There's coffee and donuts, and some measure of cheer. Some of the TU guards are getting into the spirit, in spite of the fact that their white and red suits weren't made with this kind of weather in mind.

Others? Not so much -- like the one who's being playfully harangued by a slightly paunchy, dark-skinned fellow. 

"So, let me get this straight," that policeman says between donut bites: "We're not going to have to learn French, are we?"

"No, of course not," the man sighs, clearly embarrassed by the question: "Why would you even think that?"

"Well, it's just that we got taken over, right?"

"You invited us in. That is hardly a takeover."

"Well, that's not what Michael Savage is saying."

The guard snorts: "Ask him where he was when the Imago actually did take you over. Perhaps ask yourselves."

"Now, that's not fair," the policeman says, raising his finger to make a point: "I mean, you guys got taken over by the Nazis in World War II, right? Didn't you have to do what they told you if you wanted to live?"

The man glowers at that: "This is hardly the same as that."


"And I am not interested in this discussion," he says, holding up a hand: "If you cannot be civil at least be silent."

"Well, you're going to be having it a lot," the policeman promises, turning up his collar at the cold: "Might want to practice with someone who likes you."

The guard can't think of anything to say to that, so he just sighs, wishes for the thousandth time that they'd gotten better, thicker uniforms for this kind of weather, and checks the time.

It's the last thing he ever does.

As for his friendly policeman, the man has the sense to duck the moment he sees the ice-blue blasts coming at him. That's all that saves him from the same fate as the Frenchman -- frozen from the waist-up, only to stand there stupidly for a second until his knees buckle and he falls down, smashing to jagged flinders on the concrete.

The policeman soon sees he's the only one who's survived the blasts. He also sees they came from an immense, white cloud that's just appeared in the street. He thought it was just a gust of snow, but now he can see it's much more than that.

"This is Unit 34 at City Hall," he says, trying to do the right thing in what may be his last moments: "We're under attack. Six, maybe eight... make that twelve. Twelve assailants. Supervillains, I think. One's got freeze rays-"

"Oui," Jacques Gel says, aiming his freeze pistol at the man as he strides from the cloud. The policeman tries to get off a shot, but two bursts turns the poor man into a pale, white sculpture.

The cloud expels ten more people on top of the twelve that had already made it out. Some are known supervillains -- mostly old, some truly elderly -- some are the new "heroes," and others are new faces who wear their intentions on their dour, unfriendly costumes. 

"Nice aim, Snowball," the "hero" known as Green Thunder says, looking back at the cloud -- now condensing into the shape of a wiry, white-haired man wrapped in a billowing, frosty cloak.

"Snowfall," the villain contradicts him: "And I'm glad you like it. That's as much as I can do for now."

"I calculate it's all we will need," a rather plastic-looking fellow in a nice, grey suit says, apparently not feeling the chill. 

"!@#$ straight," Orange Slam says to him, looking around: "Okay, you all got your orders. We're here to take City Hall and hold it. Red Slider, you take Copycat, Grey Phantom, and Fiststrike over to Gracie Mansion, grab the Mayor and his family, bring 'em back. Green, you, Bluestreak, Gor, and Cold Warning, get inside this !@#$er and clear it out. All floors, top to bottom, no witnesses.

"Please tell him not to linger over the dead?" Bluestreak asks, pointing at Gor, who's very clearly pleased to be on 'no witnesses' detail.

"I'll eat them where you can't see," the short, hairy fellow dressed in spikes and leather made from human skin snorts: "That better?"

"It's not the eating that's the problem-"

"Knock it off," Orange sighs: "Gor? !@#$ 'em after we're done. I'm sure they'll keep."

"Spoilsport," the barbarian mutters, glaring daggers at Bluestreak, who pretends not to notice, or be afraid.

"Rest of you?" Orange continues: "Wait for them to declare the Hall all clear, and then grab a window or a door and get comfy. As soon as the cops get here, it's gonna be !@#$ing World War III."

"What about the !@#$ing computer Batman kid?" one of the newer ones asks, his face hidden by a sinister skull mask.

"We got him covered, Jolly Roger, " Orange Slam says, winking at the plastic fellow: "Ain't that right?"

"Indubitably," the plastic fellow says, turning his head just so: "In fact, here he comes now."

The atmosphere changes as the air goes electric. Everyone's hair stands up on end. And then the group of villains is surrounded by a circle of exactly 22 Nthernauts.

They look like Thomas, but not quite: each one is taller, darker, and more imposing. Their uniform is flashing red and blue in almost hypnotic potentials.

And their eyes are terrible things -- black, cold, and soulless.

You will cease your illegal activity now, they state as one from two-score and change mouths, their every word blaring over every speaker in the vicinity: You are under arrest. Put your weapons down, kneel on the ground, place your hands behind your head. You will not be harmed if you cooperate.

"Somehow, I don't think so," Orange Slam says, flipping the nearest one both birds: "Revolution is here, Compu!@#$er. Get with it or get out of the way-"

His flippancy gets him a sock in the jaw from an arm that extends out twice as far as it should be able to. It knocks him back ten feet, right into Gor, who stumbles but does not fall. Everyone else puts up their weapons and hands, and Snowfall gasps and falls down, clutching his chest.

"Enough," the plastic-faced fellow says, waving a hand.

And then, as soon as they arrived, the Nthernauts are gone.

"What?" Bluestreak asks, looking around: "How...?"

"I told you," Orange Slam says, getting back to his feet and rubbing his sore jaw: "We had it covered. Didn't we, Machinehead?"

"Oh yes," the android says, grinning as his program invades the Neo York City's massive mainframe: "And if you'll all excuse me? I'm going to make certain he stays covered."

His body falls down. Someone has the good sense to pick it up and bring it off the street.

And the slaughter of City Hall begins in earnest.

(SPYGOD is listening to My Dying Machine (Gary Numan) and having a Low Life

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