Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Age of Imago - First Words

O peoples of the Earth, hear us.
We send this to all the people of the world,
in all ways you speak to each other,
so there will be no confusion, no misunderstanding.
No mistake.

We are the Imago.
You do not remember us, but we remember you.
For once we lived amongst you, as good friends in need
We helped you in times of peril, and guided in times of trial,
In times past.

But then, after an era, we had to leave you
We wished we could stay, but had to leave.  
And since then we have walked beside you in time and space,
like brothers and sisters, unseen by all.
Until now.

We have been happy to merely watch
as you rise to the light we gained so long ago.
And we would have been happy to stay unseen,
but for a great evil that was worked upon you.
From within.

For some time, a rogue nation has planned an evil thing.
It has planned to conquer you and control you.
It conspired to take your freedom and wealth
so that they could prosper from your hard work.
And your oil.

For oil, your lives were all made forfeit.
For oil, your fates were thrown like dice.
For oil, your leaders were to be slain, and your governments toppled
For oil, your armies would be stamped flat onto the ground.
All for oil.

For oil, which will soon run dry, these plans were laid.
An army for each nation, there to kill your leaders.
They struck on this day, well armed and with orders
To kill and control, and sow panic and fear
For America. 

We learned of this plot too late to stop it.
This is our shame, to bear for all time.
And we acted too late to stop the chaos and death.
This is also our shame, to bear for all time.
Forgive us.

But we are here now, O peoples of Earth.
We are here now, in our legions, to help you rebuild.
We are here to staunch your blood and salve your wounds.
We are here to protect you, to save you, to guide you.
We are here.

For a new threat is coming, O peoples of Earth
A great and horrid thing from beyond space and time
As you hear us now, it comes for this world,
And will not stop until it has come and gone.
And destroyed.

Once, at your best, you may have fought it and lived.
With your space rays and your bombs, you could have yet won.
With your heroes and your powers, you may have seen it off
With courage and force, you could have been victors.
Just perhaps.

But now, O peoples of Earth, you have nothing left.
Your space weapons are dust, and with them your safety.
Your missiles and aircraft are melted, your heroes dead or missing.
Your once great defenses can no longer save you.
Only us.

We, the Imago, have returned to save you.
We will save you from the threat that comes from outer space
And we will save you from the danger you pose you yourselves.
No more rogue states, no more tyrants, no more oil wars.
No more threats.

The days to come will be hard at times.
There will be a new way of living and doing.
We will ask things of you that you might not understand.
But we ask for your faith, and to know that we care.
Please trust us.

There will also be justice, at long last.
Those who sought to destroy will be made to confess.
You will all know the truth, though it may be hard to hear.
Ambition's debt will be repaid, and justice be done.
This we swear. 

After those hard days will be good days indeed.
We will work with your leaders on a great new world.
A world with no war, no poverty, no want.
A world where work will be given, and well rewarded. 
Your new world.

As one people, we will rebuild the Earth.
We will raise great new cities, and make great new lives.
We will show you things you did not think were real. 
We will bring you to the light we have known for so long.

We are the Imago, and we have returned!
Rejoice, O Peoples of Earth, for you are now free.
We shall raise you above the heavens you seek,
And deliver you from the evils you fear.
Let us soar. 

(SPYGOD is listening to Crushed (Front 242) and having more of the radioactive mare's milk. So should you.)

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